An outstanding role in an incredible city

Thank you for your interest in becoming Chief Executive of the Manchester City Council.

Manchester is a world-class city with a council determined to deliver growth that benefits everyone and tackle inequalities.

We believe the role of chief executive of Manchester City Council, for which we are currently recruiting, is the best job in local government.

Opportunities like this one are extremely rare. The fact that we have had only two chief executives in more than a quarter of a century (and just two council leaders as well) speaks to the stability and long-term vision which underpin Manchester’s successes.

Over that period, we’ve transformed from being a city in decline to become one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe. Manchester is an economic powerhouse attracting new jobs and investment in established sectors like financial and professional services, as well as fast-growing innovative areas such as tech and life sciences. The city is also a globally recognised centre for culture, leisure and sport, and one which celebrates its incredible diversity. All these factors combine to give Manchester its unique buzz and make it so attractive to residents, visitors, businesses and other investors.

Our new chief executive will be at the heart of it all – helping shape what happens next.

It’s an exciting time for Manchester. We’re currently developing the Our Manchester Strategy for 2025-2035, which sets out the next steps to creating a thriving world-class city that is progressive and equitable, highly skilled, well connected and – by 2038 or earlier – zero carbon.

We don’t pretend there aren’t challenges, some of them deep-rooted, but they are challenges that the sort of leader we are looking for will relish taking on: tackling inequalities and striving to ensure that Manchester people and businesses benefit from inclusive growth. This means if our city does well, our people need to feel the benefits too.

Progress is being made. As part of an ambitious housing strategy to meet the needs of our growing city, we are building more social and affordable homes than at any time in the past two decades. Our primary and secondary schools are improving, while our Making Manchester Fairer action plan and anti-poverty strategies map out the collective steps we are taking to address inequalities in health and wealth.

As chief executive of Manchester City Council you will also be the place-based lead for Manchester within NHS Greater Manchester, working with partners to integrate health and care services to communities.

As we strive to improve the life chances of our population, we must not lose sight of the need to deliver good services in clean and attractive neighbourhoods.

Our next chief executive will head up a talented senior management team who are passionate about this city and a political leadership that puts place above party politics.

The role involves working closely with Greater Manchester’s nine other local authorities and elected Mayor as part of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, building on our long record of co-operation on challenges and opportunities which are better tackled at a regional level.

In this high profile post you will additionally be called on to represent Manchester on a national and, on occasion, international stage.

This is an outstanding opportunity which will require an exceptional candidate with a strong track record as an accomplished senior local government leader.

If your ambitions match ours for the city, we want to hear from you.

Councillor Bev Craig, Leader of Manchester City Council

Councillor Bev Craig, Leader of Manchester City Council